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Tire repairs

Get high-quality tires to give your vehicle a safe ride

At Croswell Tires & Towing, Inc. we will make sure your tires give you a smooth, safe, and gas efficient ride. We carry name brand tires at great prices. We will make sure that your tires are properly installed and aligned properly. If you are looking for high-quality and reliable tires, contact us today!

Choose from a variety of tires:

  • New tires

  • All sizes available

  • Most tire brands available

  • Car tires

  • Truck tires

  • Trailer tires

  • Farm tires

  • Performance, sport, and low-profile tires

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New tires can be the most cost effective upgrade for most cars, trucks, and farm vehicles. Contact us for quick, easy, and affordable tire repair and replacement services.

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